M.C. Beckett

M.C. Beckett is an emerging Canadian Author with a focus on Sci Fi/Fantasy and Speculative fiction with a paranormal twist.

His current project is a paranormal fantasy focusing on breaking the cycle of negativity while choosing to never give up on yourself…. with some crazy spirit warrior shenanigans.

When he’s not imagining new worlds, Beckett works as an Electrical Engineering Technologist.

His hobbies include woodwork, gaming, painting, cooking, and gardening. He enjoys trying all things artistic but might over analyze it!

With eyes focused on publication in the future, Beckett seeks to further his craft and produce intricately wondrous stories that will immerse you into an experience you didn’t know you needed.

Current Projects:

King Flame – Metanoia (Fantasy / Paranormal)

A young man discovers himself during a rescue mission to the mysterious Spirit World.

Home Life of a Wani (Fantasy)

After his banishment from the Sea God’s service, how is a crocodile dragon supposed to cope with mundane life?

Connect with M.C. Beckett on Twitter and Instagram @theMCBeckett.