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In 1912, as the new wife of the local mortician, Beatrice is settling in at the funeral parlor, but soon after, the death of a young boy sweeps a cold chill into the warmth of her new home as well as her marriage. In 2022, fledgling author Maddy Barton isn’t surprised to discover someone was murdered in her 1912 era home. The old mansion has been giving her bad vibes ever since she moved in. But after learning who the victim was, she is determined to figure out what happened so she can put the unsettled spirit at ease. Maddy’s husband isn’t terribly supportive of her efforts, and many of the people in the small town of Pine Grove, Minnesota have ideas-and secrets-of their own, but she’s determined to solve the gothic crime the only way she knows how-to write about it.

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1947. Thomas Armstrong, a young Marine, returns home from the war in the Pacific. He hopes to forget the terrifying experience and pursue his dream of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. But when a gang of escaped convicts led by sociopath Dimitri Smalls hijacks the bus he’s on, Thomas instinctually becomes a machine of war. He thwarts the killers in a bloody melee but finds himself the target of Smalls, now thirsty for revenge.

Once home, plagued by nightmares and horrific flashbacks, Thomas unwittingly becomes a suspect in a gruesome murder and is swept up in an unconventional romance. To avoid family scandal and the electric chair, Thomas must clear his name, fight his demons, and keep one step ahead of a maniac.

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No child should be thrown into slavery. Or made to harvest fruit that’s covered in poisonous barbs. After five years of this, young Gedov will do anything to escape. He jumps from a slave ship at night and swims to freedom on a tropical island.

A passing ship carries another batch of slaves off to deadly fields, and Gedov determines to set them free. But what can a teenage boy do against a crew of slavers? He needs a squad of trained fighters, but he’ll have to settle for a trio of talking moles whose sense of humor is stranger than the islands they’ve built over the centuries.The classic tale quoted in the novel Scribes’ Descent. A Scribes Series Novella.


It is Danu’s first day flying alone. The little dragonfly is excited to see the world, but soon realizes there are many insects that have amazing skills. He goes back day after day meeting new friends. Each day his disappointment grows when he finds out what his limitations are as a dragonfly. Read further to discover how Danu finds happiness and self-fulfillment being just who he is…a dragonfly.

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