Kieran O’Connor


Kieran O’Connor is an emerging author from Calgary, Alberta. After graduating from high school, he originally pursued a career in film, driven by his love of storytelling. But when the pandemic hit and people were forced to stay at home, he began writing as a hobby. Two full manuscripts later, and he’s ready to take his craft to the next level.

He is a self-proclaimed geek inspired by all different types of stories, including books, movies, and games. When he’s not writing, he spends time livestreaming on Twitch, speedrunning and attempting to claim the fastest times in many different games. He also enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, a cooperative storytelling experience as much as it is a game.

Kieran’s current project is a Fantasy coming of age story set in the world he created during his numerous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Though set in a fictional world, his stories explore very real themes and conflicts that will immerse you in the adventure.

He is a recent graduate of The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University.

Current Project

Elise’s Path (Fantasy)

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