Em Van Moore



Em Van Moore is a queer writer, freelance beta reader/critiquer, and nurse from Northern B.C., Canada. She is a founding member of the MWG is best known for being the only extrovert of the bunch (and for her flamboyant hair). She’s a NaNoWriMo 2021 and 2022 winner. In her personal life she is a cat-mom of three and a human-mom of two.

Em has always loved writing but struggled (as many people do) with motivation and execution. Diagnosed with ADHD when she was 29, she found the secret ingredient to productivity: adequate doses of prescription medication.

When the group initially formed in 2021 for NaNoWriMo, she was one of the only members who completed the 50k words in November.

In her spare time she reads, paints, and slowly kills plants by forgetting about them for extended periods.

Her hobbies include: hula-hooping, crafting, prepping, climate activism, volunteering, going to music festivals, and general shenaniganary.

She has a complicated relationship with the Oxford comma, and would prefer no one bring it up because they’re hoping to work things out.

Completed Projects

Rotten (Horror)

Moon (LGBTQ / Modern Fantasy)

Pearlessence (Science Fantasy)

Solace Sacrificed (Science Fantasy)

Transactions Of The Deep (Short Story/Horror)

Current Projects

Swan Song (Speculative / Eco-Fiction)

The Place of Always Seasons (Middle Grade / Modern Fantasy)

I Bit May Miller (Paranormal Romance/LGBT)

The Gentle Wolf (Paranormal Romance)

Need a critique or beta read?

Check out my availability on our services page. 

What type of submissions do I accept?

Fiction, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction, Horror, Romance.

What’s my background? 

I’ve been writing fiction and critiquing other people’s writing for years. I have helped over forty people with critiques and beta reads; three of them had their projects picked up by agents and are published, or are soon to be published. Two more have self-published.

I am a trained healthcare professional, and as such I can assist with most medical/technical aspects of stories.

What type of submissions do I not accept?

Historical Fiction, Spy Thrillers, Anything with child abuse/death.

Keep In Touch

Connect with Em Van Moore at https://emvanmoore.ca, or on Twitter, Instagram, or via email.