A.D. Moseley


A.D. Moseley is a freelance graphic artist, author, and part-time editor. She enjoys writing primarily fiction in the science fiction and fantasy realms but will occasionally branch out when the urge arises.

As a full time RVer in the US (with far too many pets for her tiny home on wheels), she enjoys traveling and becoming a citizen of a new town and state as often as possible. She also enjoys proving that her English and Art degrees can be used for so much more than teaching (though she has done that too).

Her characters tend to lean towards being very independent and adventurous, much like her. And while these characteristics can be good things, they can also land them in a good deal of trouble. Luckily many of her characters have access to a little magic to help get themselves out again. She however, is not so lucky!

Need a critique, beta read, or outline help?

Check out my availability on our services page. 

What type of submissions do I accept?

Everything! Fiction, Non-fiction, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Slice of Life etc., you name it and I read it.

What’s my background? 

I’ve been making art (writing and drawing) since I was 8, and because of that passion I acquired a degree in both English and Art and have pursued careers in those fields (teaching English to foreign learners, acquiring certifications through CE programs, graphic design, etc.). I’ve been published in poetry books, newspapers and magazines for my writing and graphic design work and look forward to helping you on your own publication journey!

What type of submissions do I not accept?

Nothing’s off limits at this point!

Published Works

Danu’s Big Day

Current Projects

Marked Magic (Science Fantasy)

Once Human (Paranormal/Science Fiction)

Power Makes Enemies (Science Fantasy)

Guarded Projection (Fantasy)

Merged (Science Fantasy)

Keep in Touch

Connect with A.D. Moseley on Twitter @ADMoseleyRdWrtr, on Instagram @a.d.moseley_roadwriter or via email.