Welcome to the home of the MOTLEY WRITERS GUILD. We are a collective of emerging writers who write in an eclectic mix of genres. Here, we blog about writerly life and writing tips and we offer critique and beta reading services.

We come from a variety of backgrounds including health care, teaching, and graphic design and we are obsessively passionate about writing. Several of us have completed the Certificate of Creative Writing through The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University, one of us has an English degree, and all of us have written and critiqued thousands of words. To find out more about who’s who, check out Our Members page.

We look forward to sharing this writerly journey with you.

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Exciting News!

Pearlessence Cover Image

Two of our talented members, A.D. Moseley and Em Van Moore, have teamed up to bring a serial fiction book to Kindle Vella!

Tahllah lives a double life. As a dragon trying to survive in a human world, she must wear a disguise or risk being hunted for her Pearl — a precious jewel that grants immortality to its owner. A misanthrope at heart, Tahl doesn’t care about anything, or anyone, except the treasures in her hoard and Alanna, her only friend. When that friend is killed, Tahl must team up with the sexy, but infuriating, detective investigating her murder, and race the clock to bring Alanna back from the dead.

Pearlessence: Book 1 is a tension-packed urban fantasy and 18+ romance that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

Available only on Kindle Vella

First three chapters are always free.